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MD Notebook - A6 - Blank - Limited Edition - Carolin Löbbert

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of MD Paper Products, MD invited 15 artists to get creative with the MD Notebook. Each special-edition MD Notebook features the artists' illustrations blind embossed on the covers. Carolin Löbbert, a German-born, Hamburg-based artist designed this cover.

A Note from the Artist:

"The basic idea of the content design was to show typographically, for which purposes you can use this very special MD Notebook with it's extraordinary paper. Terms that I have drawn and used here were among others: note, notes, log, protocol, memorize, make notes, etc.. Like this the viewer sees visually harmonious, excitingly designed pages, in my artistic individuell style, but at the same time can also understand the content, for which purposes this sketchbook is particularly well suited. First of all, you can write and note in this notebook very well, it was a pleasure to draw on this extraordinary paper."

Midori's MD Notebooks are known for their simple and minimalistic design, which is intentional in order to emphasize the quality of the paper and your writing experience. Your pen will glide across MD's specially formulated paper, which also prevents your ink from bleeding, ghosting, and feathering. 

About the Artist: Carolin Löbbert

Carolin Löbbert is a German-born, Hamburg-based artist. Her lyrical, intricate works frequently address social issues such as environmental issues. She has held exhibitions and published works in Tokyo and a number of other major cities. Major clients include BEAMS, Isetan and VOGUE. She works in a wide range of areas, from boutiques and department stores to magazines.