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MD Notebook - A6 - Blank - Limited Edition - Aries Moross

To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of MD Paper Products, MD invited 15 artists to get creative with the MD Notebook. Each special-edition MD Notebook features the artists' illustrations blind embossed on the covers. Aries Moross, a UK art director designed this cover.

A Note from the Artist:

"This project was an opportunity to use physical materials again, as so much of my work is done on a computer. For my artworks I used a soft pencil to sketch out my ideas. I like the simplicity and imperfection of a pencil on the soft paper of the MD Notebook."

Midori's MD Notebooks are known for their simple and minimalistic design, which is intentional in order to emphasize the quality of the paper and your writing experience. Your pen will glide across MD's specially formulated paper, which also prevents your ink from bleeding, ghosting, and feathering. 

About the Artist: Aries Moross

Aries Moross is a UK-born, London-based art director. They are highly renowned for their colorful, energetic works. They are considered the most popular artist for collaborations, and have created works in a wide range of genres, including music videos and magazine covers.