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King Jim

Kitta Portable Washi Tape - Shiny - Lace

Kitta Portable Washi Tape - Shiny - Lace
These are hot-stamped KITTA stickers which are part of Kitta's new collection that beautifully shine in reflection of light! Unlike the traditional washi tape that comes in rolls, Kitta designs this series of portable washi. They come in a foldable pad, and they are pre-cut. Each pad comes in 3 designs, and it fits perfectly in the folder compartment of your planner. 

  • KITH010
  • Each Pad comes in 4 patterns
  • Each pattern contains 10 sheets
  • Tape size: (H) 0.5"x (W) 1.9"
  • Cover size: (H) 3.5 x (W) 2.0"
  • Release: March 2023
  • Material: Washi paper