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Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen - Stainless Steel

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Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen - Stainless Steel. Kaweco's Supra fountain pen body is a grand and luxurious version of their Liliput fountain pen. The Supra is identical in design to the Liliput, but it has a larger diameter and is longer than the Liliput - a desirable quality for those with larger hands who usually prefer bigger pens. Additionally, the Supra has a middle section along its barrel that can be unscrewed and completely removed before being reassembled as a shorter pen if you would like to access a more compact size. We love the ingenious design of this fountain pen which makes it so versatile, and the weighty steel material that has a lovely weight to write with in the hand.


  • Length capped: 5.1 in (13 cm)
  • Length posted: 6.5 in (16.4 cm)
  • Pen Diameter: 11.6 mm

Features & Posting:

  • Screw cap
  • Threading on back of pen allows cap to screw on and post
  • Middle barrel section can be unscrewed and completely removed to make more compact


  • Chrome-plated steel nib
  • The #6 nib that comes with this fountain pen is larger in size than the typical Kaweco nibs that accompany their Sport, Special, Liliput models 


    About Kaweco:
    Kaweco is a manufacturer of writing instruments based in Heidelberg, Germany. It was founded in 1883 as Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik and later renamed to Kaweco. Kaweco has a long history of making dipping pens, pocket-sized fountain pens, fountain pens and nibs.