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Hobonichi Doraemon's Secret 4D Gadget Pocket - Memo Pad

This semicircular memo pad and clear case set is shaped like the 4D Pocket used by the manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio’s beloved character Doraemon.

The pocket-shaped clear case features a silk-screened print of Doraemon and zips shut with a yellow slider. When the memo pad inside is all used up it can be used as a small container or pen case.

The memo-pad pages include 15 sheets each from three designs—the Anywhere Door, Memory Bread, and Time Kerchief—and all of them look especially cute inside their clear case. The back of the sheet is blank save for the Doraemon logo in the corner. The large, eye-catching pages are great for passing notes—and of course they’re also great for writing something down to paste into your techo later.

Leaving this set art-side-up on your desk will give you the pleasant feeling of having one of Doraemon’s secret tools sitting beside you.

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