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Gekkoso Watercolor Paints - Set of 12

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Set of 12 transparent watercolor paint tubes. 

  • Colors included: Titanium White, Chrome Yellow Light, Chrome Yellow Orange, Yellow Ocher, Chrome Red, Carmine, Chrome Green Light, Chrome Green Deep, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, Vandyke Brown and Ivory Black
  • Each tube size: 12.5 ml

About Gekkoso:

Gekkoso is an art supply store in Ginza, Japan. It was one of the original stores in Japan to bring western art supplies into Japan. Their logo is a cute French horn, as a symbol to gather friends in one place. The store is more than a hundred years old and though you may not know them by name, they make some of the most iconic art supplies and stationery items such as their beloved quirky item, the Right Hand Clip.