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Ink Sample - Diamine Purple Edition

Day 1 Fortunes Gold
Day 2 Cashmere Rose Click for restock
Day 3 Early Dusk
Day 4 Masquerade
Day 5 Nightfall
Day 6 Bucks Fizz
Day 7 Sweet Dreams
Day 8 Jacaranda
Day 9 Moon Beam
Day 10 Velvet Emerald
Day 11 Glacier
Day 12 Bah Humbug
Day 13 Weeping Willow
Day 14 Rainbows End
Day 15 Walnut
Day 16 Merry & Bright
Day 17 Lavender Frost
Day 18 Blizzard
Day 19 Cinnabun
Day 20 Astral
Day 21 Tranquility
Day 22 Tinsel
Day 23 Fireside Snug
Day 24 Sugar Snap
Day 25 Raise a Glass

The 2023 Diamine Inkvent Calendar. This series includes 25 new colors including standard range colors, shimmer inks, sheening inks, shimmer/sheening inks, and scented inks. Each ink bottle contains 12ml of ink whereas Raise a Glass contains 30ml.

Here are the names for the special inks: Fortunes Gold, Cashmere Rose, Early Dusk, Masquerade, Nightfall, Bucks Fizz, Sweet Dreams, Jacaranda, Moon Beam, Velvet Emerald, Glacier, Bah Humbug, Weeping Willow, Rainbows End, Walnut, Merry & Bright, Lavender Frost, Blizzard, Cinnabun, Astral, Tranquility, Tinsel, Fireside Snug, Sugar Snap, Raise a Glass


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