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Habit of Writing - Chinese Character Writing Grid - A4 - Blue

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The pages are lined and are made of high-quality (80g) paper. The KBU paper was designed for fountain pen use, which means it encourages a quick dry and it perfectly reflects the sheen of the pen ink with minimal bleeding. 

The tic-tac-toe grid in the notebook is made for character writing. It’s common to see the same grid in the traditional brush calligraphy papers and also in kid’s practice books. The grids are helpful for practicing perfect stokes with the correct angles, but they don’t often come inside a notebook made for grownups. In 2016, Conifer came out with this series in response to the already big writing movement in Taiwan. People appreciate penmanship in Taiwan so much that Conifer created this notebook to satisfy the need. It’s almost like a snapshot of the time, and it’s always been one of the inspirations behind Yoseka. We like it so much that we’ve been using it as our main testing pad since our pop-up shop time. Conifer might also sound really familiar because we made our Yoseka Notebook with them.

  • A4
  • Chinese Character Grid
  • 80 pages
  • KBU Paper (quick drying, high sheen, minimal bleed)
  • Made in Taiwan