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Classiky - mitsou Letterpress Label Cards


Mitsou is a design brand by Japanese illustrator and designer, Mariko Okumura. Her work consists of charming hand drawn portraits, illustrations, and textiles. Previous Classiky x Mitsou collaborations featured distinct red and blue patterns displayed as calming grids, dots, and lines. 

These letterpress cards feature mitsou's classic calming check or dot patterns printed on thick, kraft-colored card stock and are ruled on the backside. They make perfect additions to a wrapped gift, in your journal, or wherever you'd like to add a short and sweet message.

  • 20 cards
  • Dimensions: 7.7× 10.3cm
  • Available in: Black - Check or Dot, Red - Check or Dot 

About Classiky: 

Started in 1982, Classiky is based in Kurashiki, a town in Japan's Okayama prefecture. On top of doing many collaborations with artists and artisans from town factories across Japan, Classiky has its own line of lifestyle products that celebrates traditional handiwork and combines old school craftsmanship with items designed for everyday living today. Their unique and quirky goods are handmade in a traditional fashion and are eye-catching even in the most special settings.