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Apica Premium C.D. Notebook - A6 - Grid

Apica Premium C.D. Notebook - A6 - Grid

On the 25 years anniversary of Apica's classic C.D Notebook line, Premium C.D. Notebook is introduced. The notebook is introduced as "Gentleman's Notebook" -- specifying the attention to details that goes into making of this notebook. Along with the new design, Apica also upgraded the new line with paper called "A. Silky 865 Premium". The paper is smooth, and silky just like the name suggests. 

    • Size: A6
    • 5mm grid
    • 96 sheets
    • More APICA notebooks here

    About APICA:
    APICA was founded in 1916 in Japan. They specialize in notebooks, and their notebooks are particularly popular among students in elementary and middle schools. Many students grew up using APICA's notebooks, and still have strong impression of the brand. In recent years, APICA has been working on redefining quality notebooks for those who grew up with their notebooks and who now appreciate a better writing experience as an adult.