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Uni-ball One P - Bath Bomb Marble Color

Marble Savon Blue
Marble Peony

Uni-ball One P - Bath Bomb Marble Color.

The popular Uni-ball One P series is back with even cuter designs inspired by the mellow colors of bath bombs! These latest Uni-ball One P's come in soothing colors that remind you of the aromatic moments during the bath. This Bath Bomb series includes limited editions in Dot Colors, and regular editions in Marble Colors, with each editions containing both a 0.38mm and 0.5mm pen option.

The Uni-ball gel pens yet elegant design and impressively dark ink color. The Uni-ball One P (or Uni-ball One Pocket) is a redesign of this fan-favorite gel pen with an emphasis on a better fit in one's hand for a more comfortable writing experience. This model is shorter than the original Uni-ball One, but the body is slightly plumper. This short and stout body lends itself well to longer writing sessions. Moreover, the array of subdued and calming body colors and matte finish make the Uni-ball One P even more pleasant to use.

Uni-ball One P is a squat version of the Uni-ball One Feel. It is both shorter and fatter than the original Uni-ball One Feel. The Uni-ball One P holds black Uni-ball One ink in your choice of .38mm or .5mm. Refillable in the tip size of your choice.

    • Ink color: black
    • Marble Savon Blue comes in .038mm 
    • Marble Peony comes in 0.5mm 
    • Release: April 2024
    • Fits the Uni-One Refill

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