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Taccia Empress Fountain Pen - Shangri-La - Limited Edition

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Taccia Empress Fountain Pen - Shangri-La - Limited Edition

The fountain pens in Taccia's Empress Collection pair Taccia's oversized Empress body with a Sailor King of Pen (KOP) 18k gold nib. These pens feature the Rankaku and Raden Maki-e techniques (the inlaying of quail eggshells and abalone shells) combined with expert application of urushi lacquer to create stunning and unique works of art.
Shangri-La is a second version of Taccia's 20th Anniversary Empress pens with a few design modifications, and is limited to 20 pens worldwide. The Empress Shangri-La features beautiful Rankaku lotus flowers in bloom, cascading Raden water and stunning dragonflies in both mediums - invoking the feeling of warm summers outside near your favorite pond. 

Each fountain pen is made by hand in Taccia's urushi studio on Wajima, Japan, using traditional inlay techniques enhanced with precious metals and lacquer. To blend the old with the new, each fountain pen comes fitted with an 18k gold nib made by Sailor in Japan along with an individually polished, lightweight yet durable ebonite barrel. The cushion screw cap closure allows for an airtight seal that prevents the pen from drying out. Each series is limited and signed by the maki-e artisan who created it, truly emphasizing the tradition of craftsmanship.

The Taccia Pen Company was founded on the core belief that pens should be affordable, stylish, and well-built. Taccia strives to develop and produce pens that cater to all walks of life and occasions.