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LAMY Lx Fountain Pen - Rose Gold


LAMY Lx Fountain Pen - Rose Gold. We like to think of the LAMY Lx (pronounced as “luxe”) line of fountain pens as an upgraded version of their very well known counterpart the LAMY Safari. Although they are largely identical in size and appearance, the many subtle upgraded details on the LAMY Lx add up to a fountain pen that is, overall, more sleek and elegant. The resin body of the LAMY Safari is replaced with a lightweight aluminum that is coated with different precious metal colors (rose gold, ruthenium) to give the LAMY Lx its sleek finish. Additionally, the clip on the Lx is anodized with a matching precious metal color. The grip section on the Lamy Lx fountain pen is a transparent steel grey that gives a view of the inner workings of the pen. And the black stainless steel nib on the LAMY Lx matches the cool elegance of the pen. 

  • Aluminum barrel with precious metal coating
  • Black stainless steel nib
  • Snap cap
  • The pen includes a blue cartridge
  • Cartridges available in black and blue
  • Converter: LAMY Z28
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