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Kokuyo Gloo Liquid Glue - Wrinkle Free

Kokuyo Gloo Liquid Glue - Wrinkle Free. GLOO is a collaboration between Kokuyo and Nendo to redesign a series of simplified version of adhesive products. This wrinkle-free formula allows you to paste even the thinnest of papers cleanly and without wrinkles forming as the glue dries. The container itself has a square design to prevent it from rolling off the table, and the square design also extends to the glue surface as well. The square-shaped glue surface makes it easy to apply to the edges of paper. With this liquid glue, you can replace the empty bottle with a new one simply by switching the sponge bed of the old bottle to the new one.

About Kokuyo:
Kokuyo started in 1905. Their mission is to solve the small problems people encounter in their work and daily lives. Many products from them come with a small clever twist to improve an existing idea.

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