Yoseka's Curated Pen Pal Box for Google NY!

Yoseka's Curated Pen Pal Box for Google NY!

Over the weekend we prepared many of these fun packages for Google NY. It’s part of a program they are doing to keep their employees engaged while staying at home and we love how they are finding ways to support local businesses like us. We are happy to see that people are excited about letter writing and that we can help encourage this activity that we love very much. 

Many of you have been asking us to share what products we've included in these letter writing kits so we thought we might share with you a list of what put inside: 

  • Letter Stationery Set – comes with blank paper and cute envelopes
  • Coleto Multipen body and refills – assemble your own multipen by popping the top of the pen open and sliding each refill in through the spring. Close your pen top and you’re good to go. Personally, when I write letters, I love using fountain pens and different color inks, but if you don't have a fountain pen, a nice pen with lots of different color options is a nice back up! 
  • FriXion Stamp – You can use these erasable stamps to decorate your letter, envelope and whatever else you’d like. To erase, use the rubbery back edges to rub the ink away.
  • Stickers, Deco Rush Tape or Transfer Stickers - to decorate to your heart's content!
  • Dual Metallic Gel Pen – a two-color sheeny shiny juicy gel pen that's so much fun to use when addressing your envelope
  • Fude Ball Pen - a super satisfying rollerball pen with waterproof ink that won't smear even if rained on during transport
  • Pencil - I usually use a pencil to outline my lettering on an envelope before jumping in with permanent pen or marker.
  • Brush Pen – felt tip pen with a flexible brush style tip. This is great for lettering and calligraphy.
  • Washi Tape samples 
  • Postage Stamps 

If you love letter writing, we now also have a Letter Stationery section on the online shop that you can check out for letter sets.


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