Yoseka June Update

Yoseka June Update
As June 1st approached last week, at one point I looked up from my planner at Neil and said to him, incredulously, "just like that, we are halfway through 2020." I'm sure many of us had this thought. It is really hard to believe that we have spent so much of this year locked away, not seeing our families, not catching up with neighbors and friends in the shop, not eating at our favorite restaurants and not living our normal lives.

Beginning tomorrow, June 8th, the city begins to take its first steps into reopening with resumption of construction, manufacturing and retail shops allowed to open with curbside pick up and in-store pick up or drop-off only. Many of you have directly called, texted and messaged us to see what our plans are for reopening and we can't even begin to express how touched we are that you are still thinking of us and how we can be supported during these times. Neil, Soraya and I have discussed this a lot over the past few weeks and we wanted to let you know that for now, we are not sure when we will begin to reopen.

As many of you know, our shop is tiny--it is probably about 10 feet wide and 20 feet long and jam-packed with as much stationery as we have been able to squeeze into our shelves and on our tables. These spatial constraints would make it very difficult to maintain social distancing even with just two or three people in the shop, and for this reason we are making the decision to remain physically closed for now with only our online store open. We may consider the option of making curbside pickup available but will make more announcements if we decide to do it.

We will continue to add to our online shop, be here for your requests and inquiries over email, phone, text and social media. Thank you all for your continued support through your kind words of encouragement, your likes, reactions, comments, shares and for sharing our love of stationery. We are excited that our lives may slowly be returning to some sense of normalcy and can't wait to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, and thank you for your patience with us as we figure out how Yoseka can participate in that in the safest way possible. 


  • Ileana Gonzalez

    I eco Lisa comments !!! I too found this hide treasure via another website. Daisy and Neil’s passion for what they do truly shines
    With their amazing guest experience they provide. Their urgency to Answer questions is commendable. In a short time I have become a fountain pen aficionado because of their ability to answer countless question. Always so polite and enthusiastic.
    I am proud to support their small business and will continue to do so, the product assortment is one of the best I have seen with
    Specialties found only on other website that will be available over seas. I appreciate they live my beloved NYC. I so enjoy when you guys posts pics of NY. Thank you for all the care and details on my stationary items. I am thankful I found you, ordering from you brings me sheer joy !! Thank for all you do.

  • lisa uhrhammer

    Most likely, one of Yoseka’s newest customers. Found this wonderful stationery shop via Ito Bindery’s website; and, it was a treasure of a find :) Living in Southern California, never had the pleasure to stop in at Daisy and Neil’s shop, but love, love love their online experience. Now, enjoy using artful tapes, note pads and colored markers that I’d never had access to without finding their shop that features wonderful designs from Japan. In these sorely uncertain times of Covid-19, keeping us from being out and living our lives, I am so grateful for Yoseka Stationery and the unique things purchased to decorate and enhance my packages and letters to family and friends — who always call and feel so special receiving an artfully decorated package or envelope :) I’m very happy to also have found Yoseka to buy from and help their business through these trying time, too. Their service is impressive — they turnaround my orders quickly and package my stationery items in adorable brown paper wrapping decorated with darling tapes and stickers — Thank you very much for your kind, handwritten notes that you also include — you’re the very best!

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