Traveler's Company Washable Paper Notebook

Traveler's Company Washable Paper Notebook

  Hello everyone! I'm Ashley, a Yoseka team member, designer, and illustrator, who loves to document my travels and life events in watercolor. I bike to Yoseka every day - rain or shine - so I was really looking forward to the Washable Paper Notebook from Traveler's new B-Sides and Rarities series. 

Since my backpack contents always get soaked after a trek through harsher weather, I was excited to put this notebook to the test.

The inside paper is made from the same material as laundry paper tags, which makes it durable and water resistant. It has a nice, heavy, parchment paper texture - not anything too plasticky, coated, or what you might imagine waterproof paper to be. 

I illustrated my daily bike routes with a variety of waterproof and non-waterproof inks and then poured water all over the pages! The paper held up really well with the layering of markers, watercolors, and pens while maintaining a lightweight paper appearance. 


To my surprise, the only inks that faded were the dye-based fountain pen ink and the watercolors (which only smudged when I forced it with my fingers).


The paper absorbed and held on to both the water-based and oil-based colors very well, and it gives me confidence that this notebook would survive my most grueling bike rides.

For anyone who wants to document their outdoor adventures like me (or just happens to be clumsy) this paper will stand the test of time. I am super excited to take this notebook with me for many more rainy bike rides in the future!

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