Neil and I on The Stationery Cafe Podcast 🎙

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Neil and I on The Stationery Cafe Podcast 🎙

A couple of weeks ago, Neil and I were interviewed by April @penguinscreative on The Stationery Cafe podcast! For those who don't know, The Stationery Cafe podcast was first started in October of last year and it is a weekly podcast, where April and Phyllis @misslingbloom talk about all things stationery. April and Phyllis are big journalers, planners, watercolor artists and creatives, and we are always amazed at how well informed they are about the newest stationery, trends and news in the stationery world. On the podcast, they also interview many people in the stationery community and that is where we came in! 

On the most recent Episode 18, Neil and I chat with April about how Yoseka came to be, mine and Neil's everyday essential stationery picks, what it's been like running a shop in NYC and during a pandemic, and things we're looking forward to! Take a listen and check out The Stationery Cafe here!

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