Making Meaning of Our Shelter in Place Experience

Making Meaning of Our Shelter in Place Experience
Friday, March 13th was the last day that Yoseka was open and the last time our shop was operating normally. This was only three Fridays ago, but it feels like much longer. Each day since that day has brought many changes--news announcements and official statements led us to make the decision to close the store to browsing the following week and then ultimately to close our brick and mortar shop until news of the pandemic gets better. Reading back on our journal entries over the past few weeks truly reflects how much things have evolved in the world around us. 

Over the past three weeks since we closed the shop, Neil and I have been at home. For the first time in a long time, we are both at home--we have our first cup of coffee together in the morning, our mid-morning tea, plan our day, work on your orders that we ship out everyday, return home to have lunch together, FaceTime Soraya to catch up on projects and continue to work on descriptions for the website as well as our own jobs outside of the store. And just like that, three weeks have gone by.

We are still experiencing many firsts during this time and trying to figure out together what the best and safest way to do things is: our first time taking a walk outside and having to say hello to neighbors and friends from afar, our first time going to the supermarket--I never thought this would be an anxiety-filled experience and I learned for the first time how hard it is to understand each other with face masks on, our first time going to the laundromat since social distancing. And yet, we are beginning to adjust and make sense of the temporary new normal and thanks to all of you, we have been able to find purpose and make a meaningful experience of this time. 

In a period of time when we would otherwise be struggling with boredom, Neil and I have actually been waking up earlier than before to start our day. We have been working on your online orders, packaging, and other chores for Yoseka throughout the day; and we’ve been responding to so many of your messages, posts, shares and shoutouts online. During this time, they have brought us joy and warmth, and given us purpose, so we really want to thank you all for being so supportive during this time and giving us purpose to continue doing what we love.

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