Kokuyo Surveying Field Books 60th Anniversary Editions

Kokuyo Surveying Field Books 60th Anniversary Editions

Kokuyo Surveying Field Books 60th Anniversary Editions. It became a standard item for construction site since the late 1950s in Japan. It's slim and compact and it fits to pocket on a working uniform, and its hard cover is great for writing outdoors. These features were popular among field workers and on-site professionals. For the 60th anniversary, Kokuyo releases limited-edition that has a motif of the animals with a pocket: Koala, Echidna, Wombat, Kangaroo, Sugar Glider, Numbat. The series was designed for field survey, so some come with a specific grid for its original purpose. Here’s how the animals like to use them. Description taken from Kokuyo’s website (We are not that creative 😄), and the link is at the bottom if you’d like to read more from Kokuyo!

*Yacho is translated to field notebook

Koala the construction site supervisor carries a LEVEL BOOK in her pouch. Whipping out the Yacho wherever she is, the surveys and calculates are easily done.

A great digger Echidna carries a TRANSIT BOOK in her pouch. As it’s got detailed transit-survey lines, it is useful for not only to enter the survey results but also to manage her schedule and money.

Dr. Wombat the archaeologist carries a SKETCH BOOK in her pouch. This tough Yacho supports her new discoveries as the professor can fill out stress-freely with muddy hands on dig sites.

Kangaroo the producer carries an OFFSET BOOK in her pouch. OFFSET BOOK is with grid ruled lines that allow her to decide on which way to use; vertically or horizontally. She easily writes and draws an illustrated script while on the move or on a small café table.

Sugar Glider the artist carries an EVERY BOOK in her pouch. On pure white page, she draws freely the magnificent view that she sees from the sky or the beautiful scenery in a forest… Again, she warms to her creative work today.

Numbat the border-patterned business marsupial carries a NOTEBOOK in her pouch. That is a pocket-sized Yacho, and it is perfect to write her plans, contents, and minutes of a business negotiation, yet still plenty to jot down her ideas and thoughts.

More details here https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/fieldnote/60th

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