A Very Full July: Reunions and Next for Yoseka

A Very Full July: Reunions and Next for Yoseka

In July, we have some big updates and fun new arrivals. At the start of the month, we reunited with Soraya after a few months working remotely! As we navigated through this strange time in our own pace, we made a big decision on what's next for Yoseka. We signed a new lease in Greenpoint. We love the new shop, and are very excited to see what's coming next! This month, we will be busy planning for our new home as well as preparing for the upcoming planners in September. New planners we are adding include Hobonichi, Traveler's Notebook, Midori and Hightide. We are going to continue to do curbside pickup for August.

Here's the list of new additions this past month.

From top left to bottom right:
Lennon Tool Bar 2020 Summer Limited Edition;
Sailor Ink Studio in 100 colors;
Kyupudo Postcards and Washi tapes;
Kuretake Karappo Pens;
MU Print-On Stickers in new designs;
Life Noble Notes in B6, B7 and Memo;
Yoseka Notebook Slim in Plain and Dot Grid;
Midori Letterpress Notes;
Stalogy Circular Masking Tape in Neon, and Prize colors;
Stalogy Large Translucent Sticky Notes;
New Washi Tapes from MT and BGM;
TWSBI 580 Rose;
Kaweco Collectors Edition Coral;
Kuru Toga Advance Upgrade Model;
Pilot Custom 912 in more nibs;
Pilot Custom 74 in more colors;
Hobby Stationery Magazine Vol 54;


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