Inside My Pen Case with Miwa Neishi

Inside My Pen Case with Miwa Neishi

For a long time, Neil and I have been thinking it would be a really cute idea to invite guests and have them share their pen cases with us, and we just uploaded our first “Inside My Pen Case with Miwa Neishi” video on Youtube! I'm thrilled that our friend, amazing ceramic artist, Miwa, could be the first person we could do this with. In the video, we chat with Miwa about her work, how we met, and all the treasures inside Miwa's adorable pink pen case — from her favorite mechanical pencil for drafting letters to her trusty box cutter for carving paper stencils, which would you like to try?

Here are some of Miwa’s favorites in her pen case:

Blackwing Matte
Caran d'Ache Bicolor Pencil - Yellow/Graphite and Red/Blue
Jetstream Multi-Pen
Zebra Kirarich Glitter Highlighter - Red
Pentel Touch Sign - Black and Blue
Chime’s Candy
Pentel P203 in frosted peach color

We hope you like this new series! And make sure to check out Miwa’s work on her site and Instagram! 

Miwa's website:
Miwa's Instagram:

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