Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Happy Monday! This week is the last week of November, and it’s also the week that’s leading up to December. It’s a special planner week since many 2020 planners officially start right now or end of the week. Are you excited as we are to start your new 2020 planner? 🙌 Here is the reminder list of planner state dates sorted by time:

Hightide Square Monthly: October 2019
Hightide Les Agenda de L'Année: October 2019
Hobonichi Weeks: 11/25/2019 (today)
Minute Manager: 11/25/2019 (today)
Traveler’s notebook 2020 Diary Weekly: 12/16/2019
Hobonichi Cousin (Weekly schedule): 12/30/2019
Hobonichi Cousin (Monthly schedule): December 2019
Hobonichi Planner (Monthly schedule): December 2019
MD Notebook Diary 1Day 1Page (Monthly schedule): December 2019
MD Notebook Diary (Monthly schedule): December 2019
Traveler’s notebook 2020 Diary Monthly: December 2019

Other Planner Updates:

Small quantity of Hobonichi Weeks Mega and Cousin will arrive in a week/two weeks
More Himekuri sticky calendar in Stationery and Cat will arrive in a week.

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  • Karen Kpurpose

    I had been looking for a weekly Horizontal Layout in the right one side of the page and a blank page In the left in A5 size. Surprisingly it’s difficult to find in A5 size. I just purchased 2 of the Hightide Minute Managers for my daughters!

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