Happy March! A Very Full Month of Newly Added Stationery!

Happy March! A Very Full Month of Newly Added Stationery!
Happy March everyone! In February, we held our Traveler's Diner event and welcomed many of you into the shop for some nostalgic diner-themed fun. This past month, we also had quite a few team members out and traveling. May even did a vlog while she was in Seoul of a visit she took to Dominant Industry's shop to mix some custom ink colors. Many more YouTube videos were filmed including our latest feature: Pilot Vanishing Point Explained! and Swatch with Yoseka featuring the entire collection of Kobe Inks by Nagasawa. During all the hustle and bustle of events, trade shows, friends visiting, team members being out, we also managed to add a bit of new stationery. Pictured above from top left:

Logical Prime Notebooks
Midori 12 Month Diaries
Midori 5-Year Mini Diary
Uni-ball One Fika
Uni-ball One F - Limited Smokey Colors 
Mind Wave and Kamio Stickers
KITTA Portable Washi Tape 
Blackwing Red 
Taccia Miyagi Kaga - Spring Willow 
Taccia Miyagi Kaga - Summer Shimmer

More newly added stationery (not pictured): TWSBI ECO-T Saffron, Pilot Namiki Aya Fountain Pens, Pentel Orenz AT , MU Dyeing Tracing Paper, Kyowa O'band Rubber Bands, Midori Carton Opener, Blackwing Desktop Sharpener, Blue Colored Pencils, Replacement Blades, Eric Small Things x Sanby Self-Inking Stamp, Eric Small Things x Sanby Date Stamp, Midori Aluminum and Aluminum Wooden Rulers, Sakae Iroful Paper, Sanzen Tomoe River Paper, and Dan Wei Industry.

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  • William Weisband

    I watched a recent video you made about Pilot VP replacement nibs. I was unaware of the FM being made for these pens. I believe you said it isn’t carried in stock. Do you have access to order it and, if so, what would the price be? Thanks

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