Happy June!

Happy June!

Happy June! This past month, we released our long awaited Origin Series and focused all our time on setting up our shop for in-store browsing. 
In preparing for in-store browsing again, we feel like we have been given another chance to re-think our shop logistics and improve upon our existing workflow. The Yoseka shop is about user experience. And at the center of our shop is the main testing table filled with pens, pencils, fountain pens, and all kinds of testers. It’s been the same setup we’ve had for years going back to when we were just doing pop-ups except now we have a lot more testers for you to play around with.

We’ve brainstormed many different ways to maintain the amount of testers we have and to make everything run as smoothly as possible when you visit us at the shop. We hope you will enjoy your visit next time you are here. Stop by and say hi! 😊

Here are some new items we added in last month:

MU Print-On Foil Stickers and new designs;
Kaweco AL Sport;
Penco Clampy Color Clip - Small;
Yamamoto Paper's Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection
NJK Retro Pencil Sharpeners;
Stalogy Editor's Series Sticky Memo Pad;

Pentel EnerGel Infree in 10 colors;
LAMY Joy AL Calligraphy Fountain Pen;
Blackwing Palomino Blue and Orange

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