Happy February!

Happy February!
This past month, we took some time to reset, and plan for the year. We had some fun moments at the shop together taking down our Christmas tree, cleaning and reorganizing, and we celebrated Ashley’s birthday together. For February, we are already starting off busy by adding Hobonichi April Start planners to our site, and getting ourselves prepared for three upcoming projects we are putting together for March.

We also made two fun YouTube videos, and we plan to continue making more of these two types of videos throughout the year:

Catching Up With Yoseka: where we catch up on shop updates and general news
Features: where we pick topics to go more in depth and do stationery introductions

If you have some feature suggestions or things you’d like to see on videos, let us know!

Here’s what we added past month from top left to bottom right:

Masking Tap Book

Sailor Naginata Togi

Platinum Chinkin Karakusa Blue

Lettersets from Furukawa

Lettersets from Midori

SODA Transparent tapes and many new Kitta designs

mt Washi Tape, especially the manga series

Miniature Stationery Supplies Keychain

MU Icon Stamps

Deer Forest Stamps
Paper Tasting by Yamamoto Paper

Cosmo Note by Yamamoto Paper

Retro Stickers by Hightide

Pilot Point Knock Biz

For more, check under new arrivals section 😊

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