Happy April! Team Celebrations and Refreshing New Stationery!

Happy April! Team Celebrations and Refreshing New Stationery!

Happy April! We had a lot of fun this month as a team! Soraya visited us and we had a team dinner that served as a mini reunion. We also got together over some delicious food to celebrate Christine's birthday this past weekend :) We miss going to our favorite local restaurants, but Neil and I have been enjoying inviting everyone over to our place for these gatherings since having Jacob. 

At the beginning of the year, we announced that our goal for 2022 would be to celebrate the creativity of everyone on our team by having individual special projects that Yoseka releases with each team member. This past month, Jane's special project was officially completed and we were so excited to be able to share the risograph-printed postcard/pencil board that she designed with the help of Lucky Risograph. Read all about it on our blog here. More special project announcements to come soon. 

On YouTube, we did lots of Unboxing videos in March! We shared the beautiful new Kaweco Collector's Iridescent Pearl Fountain Pen, Shachihata's Make Your Color Ink Pads, swatched out Sailor's new Yurameku inks, unpacked Midori's 70th Anniversary Ojisan Tote bags, dipped into inks with Kakimori nibs, wrote with the new Uni-Ball One City Pop Color sets, mixed inks with Ink Institute's Vintage Grey Mixer inks, and tried out Midori's transfer stickers. 

In-store, we made a special little section dedicated to Midori's 70th Anniversary items and new to our sampling station, we have added our new Traveler's Partner Shop stamp! It is so cute! Have you been by to collect your stamp yet? We've also been noticing lots of visitors from out of town! It's nice to see that everyone is traveling again and we're so happy that Yoseka shows up on your list of places to see! Thanks for making the time to stop by. 

This month's new additions featured in this photo starting from the top left:

MT tapes by OTTAIPNU and Lisa Larson
Sailor Pro Gear Stellar Black Hole
Sailor 2022 Pen of the Year Soda Blue
Laban Fountain Pens
Stalogy Sticky Notes
Postcard Collaboration with Lucky Risograph
New transfer stickers from Midori, and MU
Sailor Yurameku Series
New Ink Institute inks and mixer inks
Pilot Acro 300
Stationery from Radhia Rahman
Mt. Fuji Sakura edition
Pilot Kakuno Doraemon, Pikachu and family series
Midori 70th Anniversary Limited Stationery
Uni-ball One City Pop Series
Pentel Calme Ballpoint Pens

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