Did anything good happen today?

Did anything good happen today?

An inspiring quote quote from the bottom of my Hobonichi planner a couple of days ago. “Did anything good happen today?” Yesterday I wrote a letter to my friend Ginger. The feeling of finishing a letter and then getting to the part when you are decorating the envelope and paper for the receiver is so rewarding, and the feeling of anticipation for the moment when your friend receives the letter is great as well.

Here is the whole quote for those interested. It is from April 8, 2020. It’s a quote from Masako Ito and tells the story of an interaction between the CEO of Hobonichi and his friend, Ito, a stylist: “When I met with Itoi-san shortly after his dog, Buillon, passed away, I wasn’t sure if I should bring her up. Before I could say anything, he said, smiling, ‘Ito-san, anything good happen lately?’ It caught me off guard, and from that day—even though I know that sad times are a part of life—I end each day by asking myself, ‘Did anything good happen today?’ What about you guys? Did anything good happen yesterday/today?

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