Anniversary Featured Artists - Thoka

Anniversary Featured Artists - Thoka
Thoka is the second artist this week who has been a great partner for us at Yoseka. We met Thoka at the shop and after chatting and participating in a couple of Yoseka happy hours together, got to know each other better and become friends! Thoka @thokamaer is an amazing illustrator and you can find her works featured on many publications like the New York Times, Medium, Buzzfeed and other brands too. She is so talented, smart and funny, and we’re so happy to have been able to meet her through the store. Earlier this year, she designed and hand drew our beautiful store window, which we love love love! 

On top of her illustrations, Thoka also designs and creates the most unique, adorable, and hilarious gifs, which are detailed, subtle and mesmerizing. Search “Thoka” in “gifs” on Instagram Story or on the Internet and you can find many of her works. You’ll also begin to spot many of them in our Stories :)

For anyone who loves a puzzle, definitely check out her riddle account 
@riddlebyriddle Every few days, Thoka posts a new puzzle with varying difficulty levels. We love tuning in to see how she illustrates each one and taking on a new challenge! Good luck though! Although we’ve come close a couple times, we have not solved one yet 😅

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