Anniversary Featured Artists - Sen

Anniversary Featured Artists - Sen

The final artist we want to share is Sen @vespa0714. Sen custom made two pens for our shop — a fountain pen and a glass nib fountain pen. When you walk to the center of our testing table, you see our Yoseka Notebook, and Sen’s Classic Fountain Pen and Classic Glass Nib Fountain Pen that he made for our shop. Sen’s pens are clean, artistic, unique, and their designs stand out (Click on his profile @vespa0714 to check more cool pens) 
Sen hand crafts and designs each pen. His pens are an expression of years of craftsmanship with the finest materials. He specializes in aluminum, and he has designed and developed a variety of pens using traditional techniques mixed with modern finish. Sen grew up in a metal crafting family in Hsinchu, Taiwan. He learned the techniques to work with metal since he was a teen. He studied and became a mechanical engineer, but later he decided to go back to work with metal crafting to make something he loves. The Sen family dates back to 1920's, and currently Sen is the fourth generation craftsman to carry the tradition. 

We met Sen over Instagram and although we’ve never met him in person, we have spoken over the phone many times throughout the year. We share a goal, and we share the same passion for pens. We love that Sen is really committed to his work and the focus he has on his craft. Other than making designated pens for stores, each year, Sen custom makes less than 10 unique pens for collectors (they are on his Instagram). Some of the pens take months to complete. Our family is also from Taiwan, and we always try to showcase Taiwanese makers. We are grateful for our relationship with Sen and so happy that we were able to work with him on our first custom Yoseka Fountain Pen.


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