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Yoseka Washi Tape - Ester's Paws

Back in March when New York first locked down, in the midst of all the anxiety and fear of the unknown future, one of the things we were immediately grateful for was getting to stay home with Ester! Spring had yet to come so it was still chilly and one of Ester's favorite things to do when it's cold is sit in our laps. When she does this, she has a special way of very dramatically flopping on her back and showing us her belly, and then her legs become totally relaxed and we always press on her tiny little paw pads. It's such a relaxing thing for us to do and always feels soothing (we like to think she enjoys it too!) It's only natural that when we began working on our first washi tape, one of a few pandemic projects along with moving the store, Yoseka Notebook - Slim and a couple others, we had to dedicate it to Ester!

Looking at this washi tape reminds us of Ester and the serene moments we always share with her when she's sitting in our laps, and we hope it will also bring you joy and serenity as it reminds you of an irreplaceable bond you share with a pet while you take a moment to seal a letter, decorate your journal or tape a favorite quote or print to your wall. 

  • 0.6 in (15 mm) x 33 ft (10 m) 

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