Yamamoto Paper

Yamamoto Paper Ro-Biki Note - Museum Series

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Released in 2010, the Ro-Biki Note Basic series created by Yamamoto Paper features a beautiful waxed paper cover and cream colored paper in a slim convenient size for a travel notebook. Using their paper wholesaler experience, Yamamoto chose a paper with good writing quality that is generally suited for pencils, ballpoint pens, gel and rollerball pens and fountain pens. As you use this notebook, bringing it around with you in your bag and on your travels, the waxed cover will hold the creases and scratches made to it, aging beautifully and increasingly becoming a notebook unique to your experiences with it. 

The Museum Series have covers featuring several unique paintings from different art museums around the world including: "Hyakkenzu" by Jakuchu Ito; "Im Blau" by Wassily Kadinsky; "Still Life with Flower and a Watch" by Abraham Mignon; "Dempsey and Firpo" by George Bellows; and "Love of Winter" by George Bellows. With a collection of these Museum Series Ro-Biki Notes, you can explore and ponder art that you may not see otherwise.

  • Dimensions: 3.5 in (8.8 cm) x 4.9 in (12.5 cm)
  • Cream colored paper
  • 5mm dot paper
  • 60 pages
  • Waxed paper cover
  • Paper suitable for pencil, ballpoint, gel and rollerball pens, and fountain pens

About Yamamoto Paper:

Founded in 1972, Yamamoto Paper started as a paper wholesaler and in 2005, they started manufacturing their own papers. Their line of paper products focus on highlighting the differences between distinct papers. From color to texture to weight, Yamamoto Paper puts paper at the forefront and using different ways of processing and printing paper, their products including their Paper Tasting packs, loose sheets and notebooks encourage users to compare and contrast between papers.