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TRAVELER's Notebook - Passport Size - Blue

This regular sized Traveler’s Notebook is sure to become your forever travel companion! The notebook features a high-quality leather cover that is handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The cover’s organic and soft-to-the-touch raw leather will develop character over time as it comes along with you for every one of your adventures. 

Its functionality is unparalleled with its array of refills, charms, and accessories. An elastic band at the center of the cover holds your notebook/refill securely in place while an elastic band on the outer spine serves to keep your notebook cover closed. This passport size is perfect for keeping in your purse or small bag. 

Each Traveler’s Notebook set comes with a leather cover, a notebook featuring high-quality and fountain pen friendly Japanese MD paper, a spare elastic band, and a cotton bag for keeping your Traveler’s Notebook and other small stationery items secure. The items included with your traveler’s notebook are perfect for getting your writing journey started but the fun doesn’t stop there! Whether you’d like to add watercolor paper, weekly planners, kraft paper or more to your Traveler's Notebook, these refills have you covered.

Here at Yoseka Stationery, the blue color of this leather cover reminds us of indigo dye, blue black ink, an azure blue sky just before dawn, or dried eucalyptus on a summer’s day.

Please note that because each leather cover is handcrafted, there may be slight color variations from the pictures shown.