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Traveler's Notebook Meetup - 8/9 Friday Night

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We are excited to announce a few special events with Traveler’s Company for the upcoming month. They are sending over their Stamp Caravan along with some stickers and souvenirs from Japan to our store. The Stamp Caravan is a set of stamps designed by Traveler’s Company. It is usually found in their flagship store, the Traveler's Factory, in Nakameguro, Japan, and it’s for anyone to decorate their journals and write down special memories for each visit. This year, Traveler’s Company is sending their Stamp Caravan to different shops around the world for Traveler's fans to visit and use at their local stationery shop. It's a really great way for people all over the world to be able to experience part of what it's like exploring their flagship store. We are so excited that we get to be one of these lucky stores receiving the stamps, and the timing is perfect since it’s around our 1 year anniversary. 

If you like to journal, and love to use Traveler's Notebook, we will be hosting a meet-up on August 9th. On top of stickers, stamps from Traveler's, we will also prepare stickers, washi, pens and other stationeries for you to use while chatting with other Traveler's Notebook users. Since our store is small, please RSVP to let us know if you are planning to come. If we are over our store capacity, we will find a nearby venue.

We will also be hosting a Traveler’s Notebook Weighing Competition on the 9th. Whoever has the heaviest Traveler's Notebook will win a prize.

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