Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen - Nuance Color

Touch Brush Sign Pen. The sign pen is a normal size pen with a flexible tip that allows a variety of controllable line width. The tip is slightly stiff but so elastic that it takes much less time to get used to. The series also offers vibrant colors to choose from. It is a great pen. Perfect for beginners who'd like to start practicing calligraphy.

Nine years after the original touch brush sign pen, Pentel released 12 new nuance colors in 2020. These new colors will be regular color in addition to the original 12.

  • Available in: Pale Blue, Burgundy, Blue Violet, Pale Pink, Pink Purple, Olive Green, Pale Brown, Turquoise Green, Light Grey, Light Green, Blue Black.
  • Not refillable
  • Regular 12 colors: Touch Brush Sign Pen