Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 和Wa Second Limited Edition

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Since its launch in 2007, Platinum's Preppy fountain pen has become one of the most popular entry level fountain pens available today with 10 million pens sold worldwide! It's easy to see why this is a popular choice as a first fountain pen for so many. With its approachable, friendly and colorful design, and Platinum's own "Slip and Seal Mechanism" that employs a spring in the cap to force an air tight closure around the nib, thus preventing ink from drying out in this fountain pen for up to a year, this pen is a logical choice for students and for anyone who might be curious about fountain pens but worried about having to deal with fountain pen maintenance. Preppy is easy to write with, comfortable to hold and low pressure for a first time fountain pen user.

The 和Wa edition features traditional Japanese patterns and each pattern carries its own auspicious symbol. 

Yagasuri pattern is a pattern in the shape of arrow feather, and it's believed to be able to remove bad fortune and shoot happiness. This pattern is often used as a lucky charm.

Sakura Tatewaku/桜立涌
Tatewaku is a pattern of two wavy lines resembling rising steam, which is a pattern believed to arise great luck. In addition to Tatewaku, cherry blossom, a symbol of spring, is placed at the center of the curve. 

Urokomon is often associated with the scales of dragons and snakes. This patten is believed to be able to ward off evil spirits, and they are often used on clothing. 

This patten comes from the popular patterns worn by Kabuki actor Ichimatsu Sanagawa for his stage costume. The patten continues without interruption so it's believed to be a symbol of prosperity of descendants and growing business. 

Seigaiha is a geometric shape of wave visible on the surface of the sea. The pattern is used in the constunes of Bugaku "Seigaiha" and it's believed to attracts good luck brought by the sea. 

Hanabishi Kikko/花菱亀甲
Kikko is a tortoise shell patten and it's believed to mean longevity and it's used as an auspicious pattern. It's often use in combination with other patterns and such as here with Habanishi. Habanishi is regarded as a symbol of nobility and elegance. 

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