Pilot Spare Sign Pen

The Pilot Spare Sign Pen is a refillable "fountain" felt-tip pen that comes in a kit with a transparent body, 4 blue-black cartridges, and a spare nib. The felt tip can be held upright for finer strokes and tilted to the side for broader ones. 

You can enjoy different color inks by exchanging the cartridges, but what makes the Spare SIgn Pen unique is its ability to write with your favorite fountain pen inks! Simply use a converter in place of the cartridge to customize your own endless ink color combinations. 

To change colors:

Simply unscrew the felt-tip nib and remove the used cartridge. Rinse out the inner feed with water until it runs clear. Then, screw the included spare nib onto your clean feed. If using a Pilot converter, fill the converter with your desired ink color and attach to the other end of the feed. If using a cartridge, simply pop the converter back into place. Enjoy the smooth writing of this versatile felt-tipped pen!

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