OHTO Conception - 0.5mm


The OHTO Conception mechanical pencil functions as a drafting pencil with a lead guard feature. 

While the pencil features a basic clicker advance mechanism, its ability to advance the amount of lead from 0.2mm to 2mm makes the OHTO Conception stand out. Simply twist the ring, located below the clicker, to adjust how far the lead extends per clicker advancement. Indicators on the barrel change color and "fill" as you twist the ring - serving both as a functional and aesthetically pleasing purpose. 

By twisting the grip section, one can lengthen or shorten the metal sleeve, transitioning your versatile mechanical pencil from utilizing the lead guard mode to functioning as a drafting pencil. As a drafting pencil, the metal sleeve becomes fixed and allowing you to use a ruler, stencil or other drafting tools along with the pencil, and in lead guard mode, the metal sleeve becomes a sliding sleeve, allowing you to write for long periods of time without ever having to use the clicker to advance the lead. 

This mechanical pencil makes it easy to draw straight edges. With a slim clip at the top of the barrel, a smooth brass grip, and a weighted feel, this drafting pencil/mechanical pencil hybrid has a world of customization.