Kakimori Pigment Ink - Voyage

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Japanese stationery companies Kakimori and Turner Color Co., Ltd. use rich, fine pigments and years of quality crafted experience to create these pigment-inks. These masterful inks have impressive water resistance and stand the test of time when written on paper. When used often, this ink is ideal for dip pens and fountain pens. The ink dries quickly and once completely dry, you can paint over the ink with watercolors, leaving the previously inked lines bleed-free. 

    • Color: Voyage
    • Pigment Ink
    • 33ml
    • "The departure of the Age of Discovery full of hope. For a refreshing letter to a loved one far away." 
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Ink Care: 

  • Because of the pigment ink component, please note that after the ink has dried/clogged it may be difficult to clean out your pen
  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Keep ink bottle away from heat, humidity, and sunlight
  • Write with the inked pen often so as to avoid dry out
  • Pigment inks can be mixed to create a new hue/ but be sure to mix in a clean bottle so as not to contaminate the original color 

About Kakimori:
Located in downtown Tokyo, Japan, Kakimori boasts a deep connection with the people of the town and its customers. They value the importance of storytelling and the joy associated with handcrafted goods and writing by hand. They value coexistence with the four major elements (Air, Water, Earth and Soil) and use these ideals to blend business and economy. They are well known and well loved for their fountain pen ink store where one can custom-mix ink colors.