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Ink Sample - Nagasawa Kobe Ink

No.2 Hatoba Wharf Blue - 3ml
No.2 Hatoba Wharf Blue - 5ml
No.6 Kobe Bordeaux - 3ml
No.6 Kobe Bordeaux - 5ml
No.7 Kaikyou Strait Blue - 3ml
No.7 Kaikyou Strait Blue - 5ml
No.8 Arima Amber - 3ml
No.8 Arima Amber - 5ml
No.11 Ikuta Orange - 3ml
No.11 Ikuta Orange - 5ml
No.13 Nunobiki Emerald -3ml
No.13 Nunobiki Emerald -5ml
No.14 Maya Lapis Lazuli - 3ml
No.14 Maya Lapis Lazuli - 5ml
No.15 Maiko Green -3ml
No.15 Maiko Green - 5ml
No.16 Nada Brown - 3ml
No.16 Nada Brown - 5ml
No.17 Shioya Blue - 3ml
No.17 Shioya Blue - 5ml
No.18 Sannomiya Pensee - 3ml
No.18 Sannomiya Pensee - 5ml
No.19 Minatogawa Lime - 3ml
No.19 Minatogawa Lime - 5ml
No.21 Taisanji Yellow - 3ml
No.21 Taisanji Yellow - 5ml
No.22 Shinkaichi Gold - 3ml
No.22 Shinkaichi Gold - 5ml
No.24 Nakayamate Black - 3ml
No.24 Nakayamate Black - 5ml
No.27 Konan Maroon - 3ml
No.27 Konan Maroon - 5ml
No.30 Oji Cherry - 3ml
No.30 Oji Cherry - 5ml
No.34 Sorakuen Tea Green - 3ml
No.34 Sorakuen Tea Green - 5ml
No.35 Suwayama Leaf Green - 3ml
No.35 Suwayama Leaf Green - 5ml
No.39 Kobe Brick Warehouse - 3ml
No.39 Kobe Brick Warehouse - 5ml
No.4 Kitano Ijinkan Red - 3ml
No.4 Kitano Ijinkan Red - 5ml
No.44 Sumaura Seaside Blue - 3ml
No.44 Sumaura Seaside Blue - 5ml
No.47 Aotani Cascade Green - 3ml
No.47 Aotani Cascade Green - 5ml
No.48 Suidosuji Marche Blue - 3ml
No.48 Suidosuji Marche Blue - 5ml
No.50 Kyomachi Legend Blue - 3ml
No.50 Kyomachi Legend Blue - 5ml
No.59 Hirano Gion Romance Gray - 3ml
No.59 Hirano Gion Romance Gray - 5ml
No.52 Shioya Vintage Sepia - 3ml
No.52 Shioya Vintage Sepia - 5ml
No.56 Rokko Shichidanka - 3ml
No.56 Rokko Shichidanka - 5ml
No.68 Maiko-west Pearl Blue - 3ml
No.68 Maiko-west Pearl Blue - 5ml
No.37 Minatojima Island Blue - 3ml
No.37 Minatojima Island Blue - 5ml
No.57 Kobe Himeajisai - 3ml
No.57 Kobe Himeajisai - 5ml
No.60 Kobe Ijinkan Mint - 3ml
No.60 Kobe Ijinkan Mint - 5ml
No.23 Nagata Blue - 3ml
No.23 Nagata Blue - 5ml
No.32 Tamon Purple Gray - 3ml
No.32 Tamon Purple Gray - 5ml
No.46 Nagisa Museum Gray - 3ml
No.46 Nagisa Museum Gray - 5ml
No.54 Goshikiyama Ocher - 3ml
No.54 Goshikiyama Ocher - 5ml

This online ink sample goes with our Yoseka ink sample collection card. Our ink samples will come in these tiny adorable glass bottles. They can hold up to 5ml, and you can pick either 3ml or 5ml of each color.

These bottles are meant to be reusable. Here’s how it works with the ink collection card online:

  • Every time, you pick a few colors along with your order
  • Each time, use the card to keep track of your new colors
  • On your 10th color, we will include a box and return label with your order.
  • Return your 10 empty bottles to us, and your next sample ink is on us 

Nagasawa stationery in based in Kobe, Japan, and founded in 1882. This ink series is a collaboration with Sailor and the series features local views and places around Kobe city to tell the stories of Kobe its colorful way.

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