Hobonichi Techo Weeks 2020 - mt / Blue Mix

This weekly-edition Hobonichi Techo is a compact book that’s easy to carry everywhere. The book is slim and roughly the size of a long wallet, making it easy to fit into a bag or suit pocket. The main layout of the book consists of a weekly calendar on the left page and blank graph paper on the right page. Each weekly spread also contains the characteristic Hobonichi quote in Japanese on the bottom of the page. Although slim at first glance, the book holds 69 graph-ruled memo pages for note-taking at the end of the book. The Weeks is available with a variety of different cover designs on the book itself and does not require an additional cover purchased separately.

Blue Mix is made up of a series of blue and white stripes — striped, polka-dotted, solid, and checkered. The cover design is like the sparkling surface of the ocean. The washi tape sections of the design are woven in with fabric to allow you to enjoy the texture and look of washi tape against the smooth surface of the rest of the cover.

When you order this Hobonichi Techo Weeks, you’ll receive a clear, adhesive corner pocket you can stick anywhere you like.

About mt:

Founded in 2008, mt is the leading maker of washi tape, or decorative masking tape, designed for stationery and accessories. While masking tape has traditionally been used for industrial purposes or in the health industry, its ability to adhere to surfaces without damaging them made it the perfect medium for the colorful designs that have made it a new form of stationery, both convenient and cute.

The tape has since become a part of the daily lives of countless users. Washi tape has a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, and looks and feels like traditional, translucent washi paper. The tape can be removed and reapplied, as well as ripped by hand. It can also be written on. Washi tape can be used in endless ways, whether it’s to tape up a written memo, to wrap gifts, or to ornament a collage. It’s fun to have a collection of various designs for you to choose from.