Hobonichi Techo Planner 2021 - Doraemon - Cover Maker Cover + Book

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You’ve pulled a Doraemon comic from your bag! No, wait, that’s a techo cover. This national icon is now featured on a Hobonichi Techo cover, so you can feel like you’re carrying the comic with you wherever you go.

Because the cover’s designer, Idea Oshima, has filled this set with so many playful tricks to have fun with, we’re calling it a Cover Maker.

The cover itself features a simple drawing of Doraemon and Nobita, but the package also includes an exclusive Cover on Cover, printed in silver with the Doraemon logo on the front and the series title along the spine.

Put it on, and wow! Suddenly the cover transforms into a cute version of the first volume of the Tentomushi Comics series.

The Cover Maker also includes all kinds of accessories.

The two included design inserts sit inside the Cover on Cover to switch up your cover’s look. These designs are from the covers of volume 9 and 18 of the comic series.

Doraemon is on the interior pocket.

Inside the “smile” pocket—designed to look like Doraemon’s bottomless “4D pocket”—are stickers of some Doraemon’s secret tools, to stick anywhere you’d like: The Anywhere Door, Shrink Ray, Time Kerchief, Wrestling Killer, and Memory Bread.

The two bookmarks include red and yellow circular charms, reminiscent of Doraemon’s tail and his bell.