Ukima Inc.

Halt Sticker - Organizing Sticker - Kraft

Halt Sticker - Organizing Sticker - Kraft
The Halt sticker is a circular sticker with a small ring in the center. It's designed to extend multiple functionalities to your daily planners, notebooks or cards. For example, you can stick it on your book cover and add a string to create a bookmark or closure for any notebook. You can easily hang your cards or posters by sticking Halt on the top of your what you'd like to hang. It's a creative and colorful add-on for your daily decorations and essentials. 

- Each pack comes with 6 Halt Stickers

About Ukima Inc:
Ukima Inc. is a relatively new Japanese stationery company that gives new life to paper with creativity and fun ideas. They came up with the Halt Sticker in 2017.