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Chinese Proverb Pencil - Pack of 12

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Each of our Chinese Proverb Pencils is printed with a motivational ancient Chinese proverb. One of our favorites reads "天下無難事,只怕有心人", which translates to "Nothing in the world is difficult, if your mind is set." These pencils are perfect for writers in need of a little inspiration or anyone with lingering New Year's resolutions and goals to finally learn Chinese 😉

天下無難事, 只怕有心人: Nothing in the world is difficult, if your mind is set

B: 一日之計在於晨, 一生之計在於勤: Day starts with morning, life starts with diligence

C: 疾風勁草, 路遙知馬力: Tough winds reveal resilient grass, long roads reveal will power

D: 今日事, 今日畢: Today's work, today's completion

E: 一分耕耘, 一分收穫: One inch seed, yields one inch harvest

F: 百尺竿頭, 更進一步: Always strive for better, even after achieving success

G: 一寸光陰一寸金, 寸金難買寸光陰: Time can buy you an inch of gold, but an inch of gold cannot buy you time

H: 吃得苦中苦, 方為人上人: No pain, no gain

I: 有志者, 事竟成: Where there is a will, there is a way

J: 勝不驕, 敗不餒: Win without arrogance, lose without disappointment 

K: 精誠所至, 金石為開: Faith will move mountains