Traveler's Company

B-Sides & Rarities - Regular Size Refill - Super Lightweight Paper

This is a Traveler’s Co. notebook refill with blank, lightweight paper. This refill is for the regular sized Traveler's Notebook.

Even thinner than Traveler's Co.'s lightweight paper refill, this refill is suitable for fountain pen writing. The transparency and oil-proof nature of this paper open up a world of creativity, with resistance to smudging and "show-through" of the images to the other side. 

Here are some more regular sized refills for your Traveler's Notebook.

About B-Sides & Rarities: 

It's been 15 years since the release of Traveler's Notebook! To celebrate, Traveler's Co. put together an exciting compilation of unique, limited refills titled, B-Sides & Rarities. Back in the day, vinyl records had two sides - an A-side and B-side. The A-side songs were typically the songs that fared more popular and successful and the B-side songs were often considered bonus tracks as artists used the B-side to explore their creativity and expression. B-sides & Rarities is a nod to the exploration of design and the hope that these unique and somewhat out of the ordinary "B-sides" refills will find their way into your Traveler's notebook and, hopefully, your heart.