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B-Sides & Rarities - Regular Size Refill - Message Card

This is a Traveler’s Co. notebook refill with tear-out, perforated message cards. This refill is for the regular sized Traveler's Notebook.

This refill features tear out message cards. With letterpress printed travel icons and messages like "Have a nice trip!" these message cards are a treasure for all that receive them. 

Here are some more regular sized refills for your Traveler's Notebook.

  • 7 designs / 5 sheets 
  • Perforated / Saddle stitched
  • Dimensions: 8.2 in (21cm) x 4.3 in (11cm) x 0.15 in (0.4 cm)
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About B-Sides & Rarities: 

It's been 15 years since the release of Traveler's Notebook! To celebrate, Traveler's Co. put together an exciting compilation of unique, limited refills titled, B-Sides & Rarities. Back in the day, vinyl records had two sides - an A-side and B-side. The A-side songs were typically the songs that fared more popular and successful and the B-side songs were often considered bonus tracks as artists used the B-side to explore their creativity and expression. B-sides & Rarities is a nod to the exploration of design and the hope that these unique and somewhat out of the ordinary "B-sides" refills will find their way into your Traveler's notebook and, hopefully, your heart.