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Hobonichi 2022 Official Guide Book

Hobonichi 2022 Official Guide Book. Every year, with the release of new Hobonichi covers, the official guidebook interviews different users, walkthroughs designs and deep dives into special features. This year's edition includes a sticker sheet!

This year’s cover shows a bear happily writing in a Hobonichi Techo drawn by illustrator Daisuke Soushiki, who contributed a lot of art in the guidebook. His drawings on the intro page tell a short story about a bear who wants to remember all the things that happen each day. This year’s special bonus is a “12 Months of Animals” sticker sheet that contains an animal illustration for each month. The stickers could really liven up your Hobonichi Techo monthly calendars or the initial page at the start of each month for the daily page section.

The main feature of this year's guide book includes many articles taking a fresh look at the appeal of the core focus of the Hobonichi Techo: writing by hand. When you write something by hand, you’re the only person who could ever express it exactly that way. Whether it’s a drawing or writing, it’s infused with the emotions of the moment you created it. It takes time and energy, but handwriting really is great, isn’t it? Hobonichi found people who center their lives on writing and asked them what makes handwriting so nice.

There are as many ways to use the Hobonichi Techo as there are people using it. Some simply write words, some make lines, some draw pictures, some paste in paper, and some use stamps. 

How do I choose a Hobonichi Techo? The guidebook includes the full Hobonichi Techo 2022 lineup, with detailed text and pictures, including the types of books and their characteristics. One of the most fun and exciting parts of the Hobonichi Techo is trying to imagine your year ahead and which design and style of cover you’ll use. 

This year, the special features in the guidebook include: the “Life Book Library”, which introduces everyone’s Hobonichi Techos as though they’re a library collection. The “Recommendations from the Hobonichi Stationery Dept” article has Hobonichi employees introducing their favorite items to use with their techos. The “Kanda Jinbocho Techo Walk” features a tour around Kanda with photographer Katsuo Nishina to visit the places the Kanda series techo covers were based on. “Lighthearted and Fun! Everyone’s Hobonichi 5-Year Techo” introduces people who are in their fourth year of using the Hobonichi 5-Year Techo after using it in its debut year and includes their hints to making the most of your own 5-Year Techo. There’s also an article where a monk teaches us how to avoid becoming a quitter, and many other interesting reads related to the Hobonichi Techo.

Planning on making 2022 your best year yet? The Hobonichi 2022 Guidebook can help make that happen!