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Hobonichi Techo Cover 2024 - Keiko Shibata: Bread floating in the wind - A6

Please note: this A6 Hobonichi Techo Cover does not contain the A6 planner.

This cover will comfortably fit A6 notebooks with a spine of 0.5 inches (1.27cm) or smaller. Though it has the capacity to fit spines larger than 0.5in, the cover might have a tighter fit. Add a clear Hobonichi Cover on Cover to protect this cover from wear and tear and add extra space for storing photos, stickers, and postcards.

About Hobonichi x Keiko Shibata: Hobonichi loved how humorous Keiko Shibata’s artworks were and had always hoped to collaborate with her. For this 2024 edition, Hobonichi selected artwork to share from Keiko Shibata’s past. Shibata's “wind” series of artworks, many of which were displayed at the exhibition held at the Hobonichi’s Tobichi store, expresses various kinds of winds, such as the fresh breeze, gusty wind, and gentle wind. They decided to use artworks with bright, spring-like tones for this “spring” edition. Hobonichi hopes you can always have these humorous and story-telling artworks with you — with the facial expressions changing in the wind and the flow of the animals’ hair — integrated with your techo.

  • Fits Size: A6 Notebooks
  • Cover Only

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