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Pilot Juice Up - 0.4mm - Gel Pen - Classic Glossy

Classic Glossy Red
Classic Glossy Violet
Classic Glossy Blue
Classic Glossy Green
Classic Glossy Brown
Classic Glossy Black

Pilot Juice Up - 0.4mm - Gel Pen - Classic Glossy. In 2016, Pilot released the original Juice Up series with 22 colors, designed as a hybrid gel pen that combines their popular Juice pen and the classic Hi-Tec-C. The tip of this pen, called the Synergy Tip, is a hybrid metal and needle tip that feels just both sturdy and precise. The ink is water-resistant, opaque, and bright, and the sleek design of the pen is well-suited to professional settings. 

This new Classic Glossy color series features bold, unique colors that exhibit a subtle shimmer on the page. If you are searching for pens that are colorful but professional and have their own special flair, these are a great option.