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Dominant Industry

Dominant Industry - Pearl - A Log of Atlantis - Atlantis

The "A Log of Atlantis" collection draws inspiration from the legendary city believed to have vanished beneath the waves. This series explores the ocean's captivating essence through its ink colors. In the inaugural edition, the Atlantis ink captures the enigmatic beauty of the lost city with a shimmering blue hue, while the Seaweed ink reflects the deep green tones of the ocean's lush vegetation.

The "A Log of Atlantis" collection showcases an ink swatch book, wood stamp, and one pearl and one standard ink, Atlantis and Seaweed.

    About Dominant Industry:

    Dominant Industry, based in Paju, Korea, makes small-batch specialty inks for dip pens. Adapting mixing and blending techniques developed for silk-screen inks, they have developed calligraphy inks with unique mirror and metallic finishes that are expressive and beautiful on paper, plastic, film, and glass.  If digital CMYK colors are flat shades that are created through a subtractive process, Dominant Industry prides itself on its life-like colors that are created through an additive process, utilizing reflective and transparent pigments that incorporate natural light. Dominant Industry strives to create “bottled light,” colors that can be felt and experienced. This idea is reflected in Dominant Industry’s 4 different finishes: Hologram, Mirror, Pearl, and Standard.